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Note on Sole Source Requisitions: 

When the bid limits increased to $20,000 the Sole Source form in RazorBuy had to be updated. When completing  Sole Source forms through RazorBuy please make sure that the name at the top of the form is “Sole Source Form (over $20,000.00).” The “old” form says over $10,000.00 and BASIS will kick it back and the requisition will have to be redone. 

To prevent this use the Sole Source Form under the forms section in RazorBuy (this is the updated version). Do not copy an old Sole Source Requisition. 




Shoppers and Requesters:

  • One-stop shopping experience. You have the ability to place orders with multiple suppliers from the comfort of your office.
  • No need to remember multiple websites or to set up individual accounts and profiles with individual suppliers.
  • Suppliers can receive approved purchase orders electronically the same day.
  • No dollar limitations on orders placed with contracted or catalog suppliers.
  • Catalogs are accessible with pre-negotiated discounted pricing.
  • Electronic routing and approval process set up for RazorBuy orders.


  • Saves time.
  • Greater cost savings for departments with purchases made from contractual agreements.
  • Greater spend visibility and analysis.
  • E-mail notifications are automatically sent.

University and Procurement Services:

  • Greater spend visibility university-wide leading to better contracts with our suppliers.
  • Improved communication with suppliers.
  • University-wide cost savings and added efficiencies.